On Thu, 22 Sep 2016 11:53:42 +0200, Jürgen Werner wrote:
>That being said, I'm still in favour of the merge of Installation and
>Beginners Guide, but maybe we could include some more background
>information for beginners

If we know what to include, we could discuss it there. As long as we
have no idea what to include, we could watch the progress and chime
in, if we think it could be appropriate to do so.

I visited


logged in and clicked "watch", so "Installation guide" and its
discussion page have been added to my watchlist.

I wasn't aware that the installation guide is debatable and after
taking a brief look at it, I couldn't notice an issue.

Everybody who noticed an issue, at least should watch what's going on,
too and consider to do more than just watching.

IMO everything we could say about this topic was said.


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