On Thu, Sep 22, 2016 at 09:46:30 +0200, Alessio 'Blaster' Biancalana wrote:
> While I agree with the guys saying the Beginner's Guide was harmful to the
> distro making lazy noobish users choose the wrong distribution for 'em, I
> strongly think that the Guide was pretty helpful as a quick setup checklist
> to seniors too.

Honestly, the Installation Guide does a tremendously better job at
acting as a "checklist" than the old Beginners' Guide, which was filled
with lots of additional noise concerning (arbitrarly chosen) special

Just take a look at that beautifully concise "Contents" table on
That's one perfect checklist :-)

More seriousyl, I think it's a healthy approach to first give an
overview of what is required for the installation, and then let the
user/newcomer search the information in the wiki on their own (rather
than giving them one big chunk where they miss the forest for the

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