On 14/10/16 05:03, J. C. wrote:
> I'm new to Arch Linux, but not to Linux as such. I tried to set my
> terminal to 800x600 (80chars by 30 lines or there abouts), but without
> success.
First reaction, do you actually *want* a smaller framebuffer (that's
probably scaled as well) or just bigger text size? If the latter, you
can just change the consolefont.
> 1. fbset on the commandline. The following error is reported:
> $ fbset 800x600-60
Although the fbset man page says it's outdated, the resolution options
are still valid, at least on my Intel framebuffer and Broadcom
framebuffer (raspberry pi). Try specifying the resolution with -xres and
-yres. Your screen may not scale along with your specified resolution,
however, ie the framebuffer may end up displaying on only a portion of
your screen.

Charlie Li
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