On 14/10/16 06:00, J. C. wrote:
> thanks for your input. I tried the iso01-12x22 font, which almost works.
There are lots more consolefonts out there that you can install. I
personally use terminus; it has sizes larger than even 12x22
> display. For that reason 80 characters per line (exactly) are very good
> to work. Also A screen height around 30 lines is fine. The screen height
> with the 12x22 is 33 lines, which is great, but a line holds about 85
> characters. Can that be changed?
When you set your resolution with fbset, if your desired resolution does
not match your screen's aspect ratio, the framebuffer will only occupy
as much screen such that the framebuffer view does not overflow, ie
lines printed too far down your screen that it will not display them
until the framebuffer scrolls itself.

Charlie Li
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