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> I found quite some room. See attachments. Red: Easy improvement.

 yep, all those will be covered by flood-fill: no need to do them
manually.  wiggles3_mv, the HXT0 and HXT1 GND segment on the left
middle, that one i got.

 but near IPSOUT, top left, in wiggles_mv?  no.  it means moving those
IPSOUT vias, and i'm not doing that.  am i.  can i yes.  am i going
to... mmmmm..... *strains*.... okayokay you twisted my arm :)

> Yellow questionable but could use some improvement. Excuse the crappy
> image editor it's all I have at the moment.

 i _like_ crappy editors, i use them all the time :)  as long as it
gets the job done and it doesn't take long, communicates the intent,
*why* would you spend $600 and hours of time?? :)

> Also wouldn't a GND infill on the signal layers be preferable? As log
> not unconnected islands emerge.

 GND infill *is* going to be done on the signal layers.  but the
copper-to-track clearance is 10mil (where tracks are 5mil). so what
happens is: any space smaller than 10mil does *not* get flood-filled.
so i put little "leaders" - like you can see - into the areas where
the beer cannot reach.



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