A belated thank you, Tor -- however, the burden of proof rightfully lies
with Luke. Further, I have a room in my house to clean out after a
catastrophic roof leak (not to mention an impending fight with insurance,
which I'm most certainly not looking forward to), and a doctor's
appointment on Friday to discuss the limp I've given myself in that now
weeks-long process. I don't have the time -- nor do I have the inclination
-- to sift and sort and filter through ten plus years of electronic
conversation to prove myself wrong.

As such, my request stands -- Luke, and specifically /only/ Luke (unless he
appoints someone to his defense), when you have time, please present at
least a few messages (or chains thereof) from which a case in your favor
can be made. In the meantime, I'd ask what under the law would be called a
"stay of execution" (pausing the clock) on banning Ron. No, I can't /force/
it, but it's the right thing to do during the controversy, which is why I'm
/requesting/ it.
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