I think you're being a bit literal there. I don't see any problem with what
Ron is doing. As far as I can tell, he's well within US Copyright Law's
"Fair Use" clause (17 USC Section 107). I realize it's more likely to be
the Berne Convention that would apply here -- but the Fair Use Clause is
something of a benchmark.

I don't see that Ron is intending to derive personal gain or profit from
the use case he's come up with. He's just kind of trying to have fun with a
hobbyist project. Even if that hobbyist project ends up on e.g.
Instructables -- that doesn't reflect on YOU anywhere near as much as it
does HIM. Technically, yes, you've made the project possible, but it's HIS
project, and it's made pretty clear to anyone who subsequently takes on
that project that THEY as a third party (at best) are personally liable for
their own feckups -- and I would bet a goodly sum of money (if I had it)
that the courts would be all to glad to remind them of this, if it came to
that. You'd probably even be able to recoup court costs if anyone was
stupid enough to challenge you directly on that one -- it's simply too well

Forgive me for sayin' -- but you're coming across as something of a bully
here. Your concerns are largely unfounded, given a reasonable, fair, and
equitable court system... which, at least for these purposes, is something
quite reasonable to expect. I realize I'm not in command, but I'm still
going to ask you politely to lay off here.
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