Ron is not doing anything that will harm your project, Luke. You're seeing
daggers in shadows and neither are really there. The sort of thing that Ron
is doing happens all the time, nobody in corporate anything has a real
problem with it, and the liability is /always/ assigned to the person
carrying out the work -- in this case that's a third or fourth party, not
you -- if it wasn't like that, there wouldn't BE an Instructables website.
There's a TON of precedent here that you're completely ignoring out of
irrational fear. You're being extremely myopic and paranoid, without
warrant, and --like I said-- you're becoming something of a bully because
of it. God, the Universe, whatever you believe in -- SOMEBODY out there
gave you a noggin. Use it properly. (Hint: how would the insurance industry
deal with the possibility, even, of an Instructables-like website, if
liability was assigned to the copyright/trademark/etc holder of the
original equipment...?)

I would also note that, given that precedent, you are in danger of doing
almost exactly the thing you want to avoid -- giving (in this case quite
negative) unwarranted special treatment to a particular party in exclusion
of all others. Or do you really feel like you must have an iron grip on
absolutely everyone and everything that does anything with your work? IIRC,
that's what Sony tried to do with Betamax, and we all know how /that/
turned out...
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