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> Isn't that a little harsh?

 considering that ron's response time has consistently been within
that timeframe... i didn't initially believe so.

> Particularly with respect to the time limit.
> Suppose he gets bumped by some old lady's jeep and can't respond in time
> because he's in hospital. Unlikely, but possible.

 true.  if that turns out to be the case, i have no problem with that.
Trademark Law, as best i understand it, *requires* that i be
"reasonable"... so... yes, thank you for picking up on that, chris.

> Also, I will point out that there are ways for Ron to feck around with you
> -- calling it a "PCMCIA computer card", for example.

 true... however Trademark Law *is* sufficiently flexible to recognise
these kinds of tricks.  it's... time-consuming to go through the
process of *proving* that such... underhanded tricks have been
"played"... but if there is a reasonable threat to life (as well as
the reputation of a Certification Mark) as caused *by* someone trying
to weasle their way out of respecting Copyright Law.... *and* it can
be demonstrated that - through messages *right here on this list* that
they have indeed tried to copy a concept and are intending to bring it
into disrepute in the process.... you get where that's going, i'm

> Don't make enemies where you don't have to, Luke. I'm just sayin'.

 i am not permitted to think in those terms, chris.  i am *REQUIRED*
to protect the EOMA68 Certification Mark.  friends or enemies does not
come into the decision-making process, and could actually be viewed as
VIOLATING the obliigations of Trademark Law by not being "Fair,
Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory" (FRAND).

 treating someone as a "friend"... and giving them *special
privileges*... that could *definitely* be considered to be a violation
of the obligations of a Copyright Holder of a Certification Mark.

 sorry... but that's just how it is.

 i can't mess about here.


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