Thanks for the link about Slate, but there is something fairly annoying.

Lott claims:
" >> In 98 percent of the cases, such polls show, people simply brandish the weapon to 
stop an attack.<<"

Tim Noah, disputes this, yet also FAILS to say what the polls do show. 
"But polls by the Los Angeles Times, Gallup, and Peter Hart show no such thing."

So what do they show? 95% 50% 88.8%?  If it's over 90%, then Lott's exageration is
not such a big deal.

Tim's other attack is on the fake persona.  But I agree more with D. Friedman about 
accepting fakes on the internet.  As an aside, CIAO is an org where, among other 
things, reviewers review lots of stuff -- including other reviewers.  And they can 
signify trust in various reviewers.

On the other hand, Lott doing this makes me trust him much less. 

Tom Grey

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