Who knows the impact on crime of simply having an NRA sticker on the
front window of a home, or a sign that says, "This home protected by
Smith and Wesson."  No way to know (even with a survey) the number of
times owning or giving the perception of owning a fire arm has provided
disincentive to a would be criminal.

Fred Childress
Bureau of Labor Statistics
2 Massachusetts Avenue, NE.
Washington, DC 20212
Perhaps one could get someone on a police department to keep a record, each time he investigates a burglary, of whether there was or was not such a sticker visible on the front of the house? Or one could do a followup study--compare a random sample of houses in a neighborhood that had been burgled with a random sample of houses that hadn't, to see what fraction of each had evidence of firearm ownership readily visible.
David Friedman
Professor of Law
Santa Clara University

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