If it’s a custom app, why not import the defs with Designer Studio then DDM the 
records off the old ARSystem with migrator?   Just be sure your database/system 
can handle that volume of data.

I did that for our legacy custom help desk app (built on 4.3 and upgraded thru 
8.1) and it’s all living happily alongside my ITSM/ServiceDesk/Smartit/DWP apps 
 on my 19.02 box.  I just did a basic “main menu” with “open form” active link 
buttons to select the old app forms.  I also created a filter restricting 
record modifies/submits.

If it’s an old ITSM records, could you maybe still migrate/DDM the data and put 
them into archive?  I don’t know If they’d be viewable with whatever level of 
ITSM you’re currently running.

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Your option I think is to simply stop using Remedy at that point and just 
access the data at the DB level....if you want to use the Remedy Application, 
you need the Remedy application though.

On Thu, Aug 15, 2019 at 12:12 PM Sanford, Claire 
Hey Old Friends!

We have an old Remedy server that is strictly an archive.  We have people ask 
for ticket info a few times a year or so.  We have been told that we have to 
upgrade the server.   Since the old server is 32bit and the new one is 64bit, 
they are telling me I have to reinstall the apps that are on the server.

Does anyone have a front end for an old Remedy system that does not entail 
reinstalling the apps?

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