Can’t speak to the other systems you mentioned, but as you said above the last 
line – it’s not unique to Remedy – ServiceNow also has the ability to build 
whatever tables / applications you want.


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Regarding where to put the historical Remedy data... I once took an 
organization from Remedy ITSM to newly developed homegrown Remedy application. 
Similarly they needed to keep their ITSM Change Requests (Work Info, Audit, 
Tasks, etc.) for regulatory purposes. Like Carina suggested, in the homegrown 
system I made a few shell forms (copies of the ITSM forms and imported the defs 
into the new server) with no code except a few active links to open some 
windows and a filter to prevent submit/modify.


In Claire's case, her new system is not Remedy so this is not exactly an 
option. But let's say she moved to ServiceNow, can you build custom 
forms/tables/whatever SN calls them, import the data, and provide something 
similar to what Carina and I have done in the past? This would give her users a 
view of the data in the tool they are using on a daily basis.


What if the system is Cherwell? Jira? Ivanti (Heat), Track-It? 


Or is this one of the unique strengths of Remedy; the ability to build whatever 
you need?




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<> > wrote:

Going back to the original description, an archive system that is queried a 
couple of times a year, I would agree with LJ LongWing that a good fit is to 
approach this from the database side and switch your Remedy queries to database 
queries. If you can keep the entire database intact that would be the easiest 
method. While Remedy is still up I would recommend taking a list of the queries 
you have run over the past years and take some time learning to duplicate them 
with direct database queries, in particular noting relationships that are 
relevant (ticket to work info, tasks, etc) so that you can access all the data 
your users require easily. If you have a separate reporting solution, you could 
take the most common queries and create reports based on them to make things 
easier, perhaps even to the point of publishing the reports with dynamic 
parameters like Start and End dates so that users can run the reports 
themselves when they need the information. Or some basic scripting in a handy 
language you use at your company could do the same job with a web form that 
runs a set of canned database queries.


Attachments would be an extra challenge. If your archive queries include 
pulling attached files from old tickets then you'll need to learn how to 
translate the B/CLOB data to recreate the file. Again, there's info on how to 
do this and could probably be automated without too much trouble.


If you can't keep the entire database and have to work off a smaller set of 
data, then I would approach this like a regular Remedy archive project - review 
the forms and data, determine which are necessary and what their relationships 
are and then export them to a simpler solution (another database, flat file, 


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Hi Claire,


Same here.  We had our Remedy system (7.5) on a Windows 2003 server which had 
to go.  The last supported part of AR System – a custom IT Ordering System – 
was moved to a SCSM-based setup earlier this year so I was forced to shut it 
all down.  (We had been running since 1998 on Windows, moving to new servers as 
required, and had stopped paying for maintenance renewal for about 5 years or 
more so we couldn’t move to a newer version of AR System.)  The SQL Server was 
also 2003 so was removed as well.  I still receive requests for records of the 
old systems, all custom built in house, and I have migrated a number of 
sections onto a MySQL server I control. The worst bit comes in building a 
suitable interface – nothing seems to beat the AR System way of doing things!


There was nothing I could find which would fit the job, apart from converting 
the database (had both ARX files and an SQL dump) and building any necessary 
front-ends.  The only one I’ve had to do fully was a user management system – 
keeping track of any email addresses and user-ids allocated to staff.  
Everything else is handled by database queries (phpMyAdmin helps as a GUI to 
MySQL but sometimes using the mysql command line is eminently suitable!


Sorry, not a lot of help, but good luck in finding something which suits your 
particular situation.




Ian Trimnell, Systems Programmer, Information Technology

The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK

Phone: 01908 653741   web:  <>


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Yes, we moved to another solution.  I enjoy learning the new stuff, but I miss 
the comfort of what I knew like the back of my hand.


We have people come back for change records etc for legal things periodically 
and have to keep it.  


Thank you!



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If I'm not mistaken, they aren't using Remedy anymore (moved to another 
solution) Remedy for them is just in mothballs wanting/needing as little 
time/effort as possible.


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If it’s a custom app, why not import the defs with Designer Studio then DDM the 
records off the old ARSystem with migrator?   Just be sure your database/system 
can handle that volume of data.


I did that for our legacy custom help desk app (built on 4.3 and upgraded thru 
8.1) and it’s all living happily alongside my ITSM/ServiceDesk/Smartit/DWP apps 
 on my 19.02 box.  I just did a basic “main menu” with “open form” active link 
buttons to select the old app forms.  I also created a filter restricting 
record modifies/submits.


If it’s an old ITSM records, could you maybe still migrate/DDM the data and put 
them into archive?  I don’t know If they’d be viewable with whatever level of 
ITSM you’re currently running.


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Your option I think is to simply stop using Remedy at that point and just 
access the data at the DB level....if you want to use the Remedy Application, 
you need the Remedy application though.


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> wrote:

Hey Old Friends!


We have an old Remedy server that is strictly an archive.  We have people ask 
for ticket info a few times a year or so.  We have been told that we have to 
upgrade the server.   Since the old server is 32bit and the new one is 64bit, 
they are telling me I have to reinstall the apps that are on the server.


Does anyone have a front end for an old Remedy system that does not entail 
reinstalling the apps?




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