Hello, ARTS community,

I downloaded and compiled the latest version of arts. Now I tested the the 
creation of abs_lookup with the example control file located in:


I only modified two occurrences of: 

abs_speciesSet( species=[ "H2O-PWR98",
                          "N2-SelfContStandardType" ] )


abs_speciesSet( species=[ "H2O" ] )

and run

arts TestAbs.arts

The resultant abs_lookup are all ZEROs.

Any help?

More background information: I used arts 2.3 to create abs_lookup for H2O, CO2, 
etc. in the visible by reading from HITRAN 2012. The baseline example was 
TestAbs.arts provided by the arts installation. Now I need to revisit the 
calculation based on HITRAN 2020, and the lookup table calculation seems not 
working with arts 2.5. I greatly appreciate it if you could provide a working 
example on how to create a abs_lookup with arts 2.5.


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