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> > VirusTotal has zero hits on the samples that I submitted, but if
> > they're encrypted, that explains why...  
> I suppose that, since you're talking (ok, writing) about AFC, you're
> running ClamAV; now... are you using the extra signatures available
> from SaneSecurity ? I'm referring to
> http://sanesecurity.com/usage/signatures/
> to use them you'll need to schedule one of the update scripts
> available on Steve's (sanesecurity) site, depending from your OS to
> ensure your ClamAV will also use updated "extra" signatures; then, in
> case the AV doesn't catch the critters, you may submit samples to
> Steve and he'll add signatures on the fly so that you'll have them
> available in a really short time :)

Forgot; since I'm at it, Thomas, if you're reading this, please have a
look at the script found here


I think it may be "added" to ASSP to generate AV stats ;-)

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