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> The mixed content is useful.
> Learning about stir shaken updates, useful. Would that have been in a
> github notification? Would the subject line be parsable?

My inquiry was strictly regarding release notifications and security
advisories. If discussions were done in GitHub then it would have been a
GitHub notification and parseable if you opted to receive them.

> Notifications from github are more likely to be lost among the many others
> I get for my own work.

There's various options for filtering, some are mentioned on the previous
link I gave to Jaco but if it helps at all you can also do custom
routing[1]. On a per-organization basis you can direct emails to a
different email address that's associated on your GitHub account which can
make filtering easier. I use it personally for directing Asterisk stuff to
Sangoma, and personal stuff to personal. It's handy.


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