Greetings all,

Happy new year! During my vacation I was still working (which is something
I'm trying to get better at but that's a 2024 thing) so was able to
communicate with legal during such time. Based on the recommendation from (you may also know him as InterLinked on GitHub and
IRC) I have set up an asterisk-dev group[1] on Before actively
moving I suggest everyone subscribe, play around with it, start some
discussions, etc, to get a feel for it. If there's also feedback on
settings I can tweak to make it over all better I can also look at those as
it gives much more control over things than the previous solution. I've
already done a run through and tweaked settings to fit our usage, but
improvements are always nice.

I'd also like to extend a thank you to all those who offered hardware and
physical hosting even though I did not take you up on it.



Joshua C. Colp
Director of Engineering | Asterisk Project Lead
Sangoma Technologies
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