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> Hi Joshua,
> On 2023/12/13 14:30, Joshua C. Colp wrote:
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>> I agree!
>> To me the mailing list is the best source of gathering information,
>> especially in terms of announcements of new Release versions.
>> While there might be more info in the github releases the trigger is
>> always the mailing list.
> Can you (and others) explain why GitHub can't take the place of that
> aspect? You can watch to receive notifications for just releases and
> security advisories, which can then trigger an email. Is it the format of
> the email? Harder to filter? The list is easier because it's combined with
> other stuff?
> I'm going to be the one it seems asking the blunt question:
> How?
While logged in you go to any repository on GitHub, including Asterisk,
https://github.com/asterisk/asterisk and and click the "Watch" button to
the left of "Fork". There are various options but if you want to be more
refined in what you receive notifications for go to "Custom" and you can
select which things. "Releases" and "Security alerts" being the best option
for most people. GitHub has an entire documentation section on
subscriptions/notifications[1] with lots of details.

If you use other open source projects on GitHub, this is also useful since
you can do the same with them.


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