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> Hello,
> honestly, I don’t understand the point of this discussion anymore.
> Probably all the people that somehow are interested in keeping the mailing
> list spoke up by now. Almost all were in favour of keeping the list. Some
> people also offered help in hosting the list in the future.

More people have spoken up after I nudged in a previous post. Their input
is also welcome, including how they use the list, because that information
is also useful in other ways. For example some people were unaware that you
could even watch repos on GitHub and have sent me thanks for that
information. That's a data point so we can make it clearer in other areas
that it can be done for users to be aware of things outside of a mailing
list for those who choose it.

> If it’s your decision as asterisk project manager to shut down this list,
> then just do it. If the asterisk project does not care about the opinion of
> their independent contributors and developers in this matter to save some
> operations costs, that is unfortunate but understandable. In the end it
> shows the value of this open-source community for the project. Everyone
> must then decide if moving to a proprietary communication solution is
> acceptable.

The lists.digium.com instance as it exists now will shut down. Its history
and archive will remain available. The mailman instance is not in a state
where upgrading or migrating it is feasible. Those are the facts. I have
received private communication from an individual who attempted to do so on
their own instance in a similar state and was unable to, and they stated
that they were aware others had tried with most being failures.

Based on the community feedback from those using the list I have chosen to
continue through a new mailing list on a hosted solution, thus one will
continue to exist. I was hoping to have a plan and also check over aspects
that are indirectly involved (for example the release process and how it
would get emails to such a thing in a manner that works as well as check
with legal about personal information involving an outside vendor) before
saying so (and also collect more information on usage), but none of that is
done as of yet. I don't know the full details yet but will keep this
mailing list updated until such time as we're ready with the details.

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