Personally, I’m surprised mailing lists are still a thing - it feels so “90s” 
to have an obnoxiously difficult-to-keep-track-of way of communicating when 
forums are so much more organized and readily available.

It looks like can work like a forum, so this is a welcome change away 
from ancient tech.

Luke Escudé

PrimeVOX Communications

On Jan 2, 2024, at 08:56, wrote:

On 1/2/2024 5:55 AM, Joshua C. Colp wrote:
On Tue, Jan 2, 2024 at 6:41 AM Paul Kudla < <>> 

   Good morning

   Note I am unable to confirm my new email on the group because the
   is using a blocked server ??

   mail19       01-02 05:35:51 { <>}
    [63603] (1871410360) Jan 02
   05:35:51 mail19 postfix/smtpd[63603]: NOQUEUE: reject: RCPT from <>[]: 454 4.7.1
   Service unavailable; Client
   host [] blocked using <>; Blocked - see;

   to=< <>> proto=ESMTP

   helo=< <>>

   I did get the signup and also set my password but am unable to

   SPAMCOP.NET <http://SPAMCOP.NET> is super flexible (ie will track
   and update bad ip's on the
   fly within 24 hours, so to land on this list means a server has been
   very very bad.

   let me know if i can help further.

I don't think either of us can really help. Looking at 
<> posts this appears to happen sometimes, be it as a remaining 
result of a Yahoo migration that occurred in the past or from group admins 
adding email addresses for SpamCop spam traps in some capacity.

InterLinked: You previously stated that most lists you've been on migrated to <>, has this been a problem for them and if so how 
did they approach it (if at all)?

I have to be on at least 2 or 3 dozen lists at this point and I've 
not really seen this be much of a problem. It haven't seen it on any of my 
lists with 100+ members or really heard about it on other lists. Occasionally, 
maybe a couple times a year, there are *bounces* and I know will auto 
unsubscribe users if it gets bounces to comply with email subscription policies 
and what not. I don't have any specific experience with SpamCop, that isn't a 
service I use on my mail servers.

I think this is going to be inevitable to some extent with any hosted mailing 
list. has a pool of IPs that they use but obviously they are shared 
between lists. Digium has been self-hosting lists so it hasn't had to worry 
about this in the past. also has an online portal where you can register and manage groups, 
but that probably entails receiving an email at some point so you might run 
into the same issue there if you can't receive email.

Can you add the sender to your "safe senders" lists? IMO email services that 
don't allow the spam rules to be overridden are fundamentally flawed, but I 
realize you may not have control over that or be able to switch services.

It probably doesn't hurt to get in touch with the guy that runs, 
here: I and others have reached out before for 
things and he's helpful and responsive.

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