Hi Everyone,

We are using two Sangoma U100 (USB FXO) units connected to an Acer Aspire
Revo (little PC running on Atom). The units work beautifully except for
Monday :-)

It maybe a conincedence or maybe the fact that Saturday/Sunday is off and
something happens where one of these U100 modules goes into sleep and that's
when all the 4 Dahdi channels are lost.

So, I have been getting Monday morning calls (Tuesday today but yesterday
was a day off anyhow) for the past 3 weeks complaining no inbound/outbound
calls can be made through PSTN.

When I log in to the server if I do a "wanrouter hwprove" I only see one of
the units. If I ask them to disconnect and reconnect the U100 that is
flashing (which is the one that failed) and do "wanrouter hwprobe" now it
shows again. So, I can do a wancfg_dahdi and it brings it up. Sometimes, I
have to recompile the whole wanpipe. But more or less I think it's the USB
that fails or it could also be the wanrouter itself that fails.

Sangoma is closed today but maybe others from here can shed some light as it
also may pretain to my dahdi/asterisk settings. I know that for sure the
whole wanrouter/dahdi setup goes bad if the computer is abruptly shut-down
which is really stupid (always been the case with Sangoma Wanpipe) and hence
there is a safe shutdown script that I put for Wanrouter which does the job
if the computer is shutdown properly. I don't believe the UPS failed over
the last few off days but I am looking into the logs anyhow.

I appreciate your feedback and let me know what info I can post here that
may help resolve the issue (such as output from dmesg or lspci?).

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