I have a very old dialplan (ie: a dialplan for a very old version of Asterisk) 
which I've just transferred to Asterisk 16.28.0

The [globals] section of that dialplan includes:


In the old system, this results in ${Allphones} containing:


I can use this in a dial() command.

On the new system, the variable Allphones ends up containing:


(ie: the unexpanded variable names, not the content of those previously-
defined variables.)

This fairly obviously does not work in a dial() command.

a) is this a deliberate backward incompatiblity at some stage in the 
development of Asterisk?

b) if not, is this a known bug?

c) is there some other way I'm supposed to be doing this now, to be able to 
define a global variable including the value of another global variable?

d) if not, is there some workaround?



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