You have posted the same message several times in the last few days!!

I would assume no one has an answer to your question, at least on this list.
It seems most have migrated to another (UGH!) venue, so the few that are left 
can't help.


John Novack

Antony Stone wrote:

I have a very old dialplan (ie: a dialplan for a very old version of Asterisk)
which I've just transferred to Asterisk 16.28.0

The [globals] section of that dialplan includes:


In the old system, this results in ${Allphones} containing:


I can use this in a dial() command.

On the new system, the variable ${Allphones} ends up containing:


(ie: the unexpanded variable names, not the content of those previously-
defined variables.)

This fairly obviously does not work in a dial() command.

a) is this a deliberate backward incompatiblity at some stage in the
development of Asterisk?

b) if not, is this a known bug?

c) is there some other way I'm supposed to be doing this now, to be able to
define a global variable including the value of another global variable?

d) if not, is there some workaround?



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