On Wednesday 25 January 2023 at 19:17:04, Daniel wrote:

> Asterisk 20.1.0
> [globals]
> Sphones=SIP/SYealinkT38G&SIP/SGC610IP
> Kphones=SIP/KC470IP&SIP/KSnom870
> Allphones=${Sphones}&${Kphones}
> -s*CLI> dialplan show globals
> Allphones=SIP/KC470IP&SIP/KSnom870&SIP/SYealinkT38G&SIP/SGC610IP
> Sphones=SIP/SYealinkT38G&SIP/SGC610IP
> Kphones=SIP/KC470IP&SIP/KSnom870

Thank you very much.

I have now established that this works provided it's in extensions.conf or 
some included file.

It does not work if it's written in AEL - assigning global variables works, 
but the above does not.

I shall keep my global assignments out of AEL in future.



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