arnyk wrote: 
> No you won't want to hear my opinions if you are at all a normal
> audiophile.
> What  I get from the OP is a pile of audiophile nervosa wrapped up in a
> post that follows the plot of jillions of other audiophile tall tales
> I've heard over the decades.
> (1) Friend spends the big bucks on a new toy.
> (2) Sighted evaluation of the new toy with no reliable standard for
> sound quality on the premises. 
> (3) Audiophile falls in love with expensive new toy belonging to a
> friend.
> (4) Audiophile ascribes all sorts of wonderful sonic things for an
> expensive new toy.  
> I'll bet money that there was not even any formal level matching in the
> evaluation.
> So, is it the new toy or the classic experiment in sociology?
> The outcome was/is absolutely predictable. 
> The solution to this problem is as always technical tests and good
> listening evaluations, both of which are generally ignored by
> audiophiles because of their apparent connections with logic and reason.

You know that Pascal can hear you, right?  Do you not realize how
obnoxious this kind of cod psychoanalysis is?  Especially as no claims
were made beyond "I enjoyed some records on my friends equipment."

Anyway, electro-mechanical transducers like phono cartridges have rather
gross differences from each other, even just in frequency response. 
Absolute level matching is probably not essential during a casual
listening session at a friends house.  

I do lament to the loss of measurements in modern reviews of analog

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