bakker_be wrote: 
> The only non-musical sound (and I use the term liberally to include
> movie sounds) ever produced by my BK Monolith is the rattling of...
> particular door from my living room to the hallway :p This
> happened when watching "Finding Nemo" at "reference level", when the
> little girl taps the fish tank ... I don't think the neighbours really
> appreciated this either :)

I find that a small piece of blu-tack in the corner of the door frame is
good to prevent rattling (whether caused by little girls tapping fish
tanks or simply by people opening other doors in my hallway - which must
be relatively air-tight) & also to ensure reasonable sound isolation -
which is important because low bass resonates very audibly in
passageways, bathrooms & the like where the walls are closer together
than the floor & the ceiling. I like to be considerate to my apartment
block neighbours when playing The Rolling Stones' "Neighbours" track at
"reference level"...  :rolleyes:

Dave  :cool:

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