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> Yes i also looked at Elac and Dynaudio and monitor audio who has very
> flexible setup options.
> And B&W can be had in the city where i live , so i could go and have a
> look

It is really hard to match/beat REL Acoustic or Vandersteen subwoofers
if one is looking for musical truth and not just noisy BOOM. The huge
advantage Vandersteen has is if one is using separates so that the
Vandersteen subwoofer can be acquire its signal from being installed
between the pre-amp and amplifier. This also removes the low frequency
duties from the system amplifier so it sounds and preforms better also.
I prefer subwoofer pairs so that the bass from each channel is handled
specifically by its own drive/voice coil instead of it being blended
between a single dual voice coil. Yes true bass frequencies are not
directional or in what one would call true stereo, but in properly
recorded music, the actual left and right bass tracks are NOT identical
hence I prefer to have an actual left and right subwoofer.

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