Yes most subs with closed box design are EQ'd to produce 20Hz . thats
the only practical way else the TS parameters and size of the driver and
cone mass gets absurd and it will not perform well at the upper
frequncies .

And B&W do still uses the force cancelling idea with dual oposed woofers
in some curretn subwoofer models and so do some other brands Arendal for
example .

Sadly i dont have the house for it to do a real IB design as oposed to a
closed box . make a hole into the attic (or other ) crawlspace put
multiple drivers there and controll it with some EQ

Also i'm not detered by size . A lot of engineering goes into making
small subwoofers mostly for eastehic reasons , the cab should be the
size it needs to be for optimum performance . As a lot of power is
needed for the EQ alone making the sub even more ineficient by reducing
size seems such a waste to me . why fight against nature .

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