Mnyb wrote: 
> ... As a lot of power is needed for the EQ alone making the sub even
> more ineficient by reducing size seems such a waste to me . why fight
> against nature .

I have quite a small room & it's nearly square (-not- ideal!!) - but
*that's* why I have 2 tiddly "aesthetic" subwoofers wired up in stereo
(for reasons explained earlier) with 1KW of Class D power (as the bottom
end you can't hear the difference, lol, & there's a LOT less internal
heat to dispose of... ) to compliment my Class A/B Pathos Acoustics
Logos amplifier (biased to deliver the 1st 30W in pure Class A, which is
about as much heat, -c-. 500W, as you can without needing noisy cooling
fans... ) which gives excellent detail resolution across the rest of the
audible spectrum.

All I can say is that it sounds like Abbey Road Studio # 9 & 3/4 to me! 
;)  My room IS however, not large...

Dave  :cool:

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