On 04/04/2018 01:05 PM, alrii via aur-general wrote:
> AUR is like the wild west. Anyone can upload any packages even if it is
> already exist.

They sure can, and we can delete the package -- and the user with it.


The dnscrypt-proxy-go-git is pretty obviously a duplicate of
dnscrypt-proxy-git. I've told the git maintainer to update with the
original, now rewritten upstream sources.

*This is now over and done with.*

The dnscrypt-proxy package is now updated, and I graciously left the
dnscrypt-proxy-go package available until now... because it started as
the golang beta which was something valid to have in the AUR, and I
wasn't sure I wanted to delete the existing package before it was
otherwise available. If it had been newly uploaded it would be deleted
in a heartbeat -- it would hardly be the first outdated package that was
uploaded to the AUR and deleted for breaking the rules.

(Why is the peanut gallery complaining about a deletion request that had
not even been accepted.)

*This too is now over and done with.*

Anyone who wants the 1.x version is welcome to create a
dnscrypt-proxy-legacy{,-git} package.

Eli Schwartz
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