You'll get about 1 Kw of solar panels on the roof of a trailer. You might average 500 watts unless you tilt them to face the sun and move them every couple of hours from sunrise to when you fly. Say 6 hours and 800 watts average. Might just do a 4Kw-hour battery in a Silent. Assuming clear sky.


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>>I think it was the first PRODUCTION electric SLG. See WIDOLA of that year. There was an electric Silent 1 for sale in around 2007. The Antares was the first heavyweight production glider. From memory, the original Silent had a pylon mounted motor. So far as solar panels go at nightÂ… most flying in Australia starts in the middle of thee day and finishes before sunset. That gives a while to charge batteries. Yes, you'd need a fair array to recharge between flights - I won't say overnight but many electric gliders come with the array built into the roof of the trailer. D _______________________________________________ Aus-soaring mailing list

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