You’re worried about the increased drag from a FES?

Looking at that video, I’d be more concerned about the increased drag from
that appalling panel fit, never mind the huge gaps and the numerous screw
heads. Look at the rear, where the pylon extends: that panel is sticking
about 5mm above the fuse.

It looks like a dodgy home-built botch job.


Btw why not make the thing extend towards the fuse? I can’t recall if the
motor was too wide, and life is too short to wait for it to load again…



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Any  good links?
I found a schematic diagram which indicates that the motor has a pusher
folding prop.  Not sure how it retracts and fits in the fuselage with the
blades sticking up?

Here you go: Scroll down to the videos.
They took quite a while to load here. The link seems slow.
Sheer bloody genius I think.


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