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> Anyone else got some interesting eagle attack stories?

I heard a radio call from a bird-struck glider at Whyalla while I was soaring 
near Lochiel many years ago.

A wedgie attacked one of AUGC’s gliders a long time ago (before my time). It 
was a known offender, and the club spent the rest of the day with the entire 
fleet swooping repeatedly over its nesting tree on the ridge while it looked on 
indignantly and, I supposed, occasionally ducked.

I’m guessing we’ve all been dive-bombed during nesting season heaps of times. 
They usually come out of the sun, so you don’t see them until you catch them 
flashing past in the corner of your eye.

I gather they think we’re birds, and they aim for the eyes (cockpit) or wingtip 
feathers, just like they do when they’re attacking other avians. I doubt their 
sense of scale is very well developed, and I reckon they almost always miss 
because they break off at the last second in surprise at the fact that we’re 
bigger than they are.

I’ve always kept an eagle eye (heh) on them when thermalling, and never trust 
them when they’re above me.

One of my best experiences in my life, though, was watching a wedgie playing in 
my wingtip vortices while I was turning in lift, slowly move up the span of the 
wing towards the fuselage, and look at me. Close enough that I could see the 
feathers around its eyes rustling in the wind. 

You really know you’ve been looked at when you’ve been looked at by an eagle in 

  - mark

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