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 From the latest update today, It appears that most of the works are being 
postponed for the time being

Not all devices within racks support 2 feeds and planning is involved with 
these devices, which is why it is crucial to receive accurate information about 
any pending outages or upgrades
to the NextDC DataCentres which affect services.
If these services are mission critical then you really should have duel PSU units, so that when one feed gets taken offline the equipment automatically switches to the other feed. They won't just disconnect both feeds at once because that would be stupid and if the entire DC was offline for too much time then that would put the owners in a rather awkward situation legally, as after say 8 or 10 hours of downtime it wouldn't be good for the owners lets put it that way. If the single PSU units are a part of a customers co-located equipment then really your terms of service agreement should exclude liability under your maintenance clauses. I don't understand why anyone would be using single PSU equipment in a DC environment now a days when you can buy refurbished servers that come with two PSU as standard even when you buy them without raid. Also for anything that is really really mission critical you should have it hosted in multiple datacentres anyway so if something stupid does happen that you can't control you at least still have services online as the load balanced services would just switch.
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