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> Re:
> Consider this test script:
> (set -o posix) 2>/dev/null && set -o posix
> emulate sh 2>/dev/null  # for zsh
> for var in 'a-c' '!a'; do
>       case b in
>       ( ["$var"] )    echo 'quirk' ;;
>       ( [$var] )      echo 'no quirk' ;;
>       esac
> done
> Most shells output 'no quirk' for both values of 'var', but AT&T ksh93 
> outputs 'quirk' for both, as does zsh 5.2 and earlier (zsh-as-sh changed 
> to match the majority in 5.3). Now one of the current ksh93 lead 
> developers says this does not look like a bug.

Whom do you call "current ksh93 lead developers"?

> Does POSIX specify anything, either way, regarding the effect of shell 
> quoting within glob bracket patterns? I can't find any relevant text 
> under "2.13 Pattern Matching Notation" or anything it references, so 
> clarification would be appreciated.

Given that ksh88 and the original Bourne Shell both return 'no quirk' for both 
values, this is a strong hint that ksh93 is wrong.

Given that "bosh" returned "quirk" for the first one before I fixed a bug in 
the gmatch() implementation, it is highly probable that ksh93 has a bug in it's 
pattern matcher.


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