What is the MANUFACTURER aka VENDOR field in a canonicalization triple
meant to contain?

My understanding is that it shall describe the vendor/manufacturer of a
board or better the board family, being used to guess/preset settings
for a specific setups, primarily in near-hardware packages (e.g.
I know the VENDOR field is rarely used at all, therefore the value won't
matter in most cases, but as we're  at clarifying canonicalization, this
could become an issue.

I am asking, because i386-pc-linux distributors have started to set this
field to their name for the gnu-toolchains distributed with their
distributions (IMHO, an uncredible decision ;).

However, a PC still remains a PC and is not a SuSE, RH, Debian or
whatsoever machine. 

Imagine the consequences of:
./configure --build=i386-suse-linux-gnu --host=i386-redhat-linux-gnu


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