On Thu, 27 Apr 2000, Ralf Corsepius wrote:

> What is the MANUFACTURER aka VENDOR field in a canonicalization triple
> meant to contain?

AFAIC, it has always been pretty useless, especially since the
config.guess maintainers don't seem to be very sure about it themselves
and change it back and forth. For example, the "vendor" of a i386-*-qnx*
machine has changed from "pc" to "qnx" back to "pc". Also there seem to be
*-unknown-linux* and *-pc-linux* machines out there.

I wonder what it really might be useful for. If it's the processor vendor,
the encode that in the cpu name. (Why would you care?) If it's the os
vendor, then encode that in the os name. (What OS has two different
vendors?) That leaves packagers, but if you depend on that information
without testing for features, you're really pushing your luck.

IMO, config.{guess|sub} are sometimes a painful hogwash of overly specific
and overly general, so using the output for anything but naming your
cross-toolchain isn't going to work very well in general.

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