On 26 Jan 2022 19:50, Karl Berry wrote:
>     so the default manual/ landing page & manual will be unchanged from today
>     other than having a link to the full versioned index
> What url/filename are you thinking for the "full versioned index"?

per your request, the default is unchanged.  e.g. the one-page html will
be as it is today:

we'll also have a copy at (no redirects or symlinks):

when 1.17 is released, the 1.16/ files won't change, but the base ones
will like they are today.  e.g. this will be 1.17:

>      <li><a href="1.16">GNU Automake 1.16</a></li>
>      ... vs. ...
>      <td>Feb 2018</td>
>      <td><a href="1.16">GNU Automake 1.16</a></td>
>      <td><a href="1.16/automake.html">HTML</a></td>
>      <td><a href="1.16/automake.pdf">PDF</a></td>
> I doubt the old manuals will get a tremendous amount of use, so one line
> per version seems sufficient to me, vs. a table. But I have no objection
> either way.
> OTOH, the date and the direct link to the html seem like the most
> interesting information (more so than the PDF). Could be something like:
> <li><a href="1.16/">GNU Automake 1.16</a>
>     - Feb 2018
>     - <a href="1.16/automake.html">HTML</a>
>     </li>
> But I don't feel strongly about it. Whatever seems sensible. It might
> take seeing the page with a few versions actually done before it's clear
> what's best.

tbh the only reason i'd prefer a table is for the column alignment.
otherwise i would just go with something like:
* (Feb 2018) GNU Automake 1.16 (HTML PDF)
* (Dec 2014) GNU Automake 1.15 (HTML PDF)
* (Jun 2013) GNU Automake 1.14 (HTML PDF)

in a non-monospace font, the dates will throw things off slightly.
if we add the 1.16.x point releases, then it gets even worse.  the
slightly OCD in me hates scanning lists vertically based on a field
(the version) and dealing with horizontal style shifts at the same

but should be able to generate a test page with the diff forms and
we can make a decision after seeing them in action.

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