On 27 Jan 2022 15:21, Karl Berry wrote:
>     per your request, the default is unchanged.  
> I understand (and thanks), but my question was about the "table"
> (whether it's actually a <table> or not):
> * (Feb 2018) GNU Automake 1.16 (HTML PDF)
> * (Dec 2014) GNU Automake 1.15 (HTML PDF)
> * (Jun 2013) GNU Automake 1.14 (HTML PDF)
> On what page were you going to put this table of all available manual
> versions?

the main index today (and will continue to be) here:
which of course implicitly is:

i was planning on the full index being maintained here:

and then the index.html would contain a link at the end like:
  You can buy printed copies of some manuals (among other items) from the Free 
Software Foundation; this helps support FSF activities.

>>See the [full version index] for other versions of the manual.

  (This page generated by the gendocs.sh script.)

but i'm completely open to whatever here (naming/grammar/etc...).

> BTW I still think it's more useful to have the manual for the latest
> 1.xx.y release of each 1.xx than the original. Why propagate known-old
> information in preference to newer?

sure, doesn't matter that much to me.  i was going to see how often they
actually differ and setup symlinks in case the manual didn't change between
point releases.

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