On 28 Jan 2022 16:35, Karl Berry wrote:
>     i was planning on the full index being maintained here:
>             https://www.gnu.org/software/automake/manual/index-full.html
> Sounds good.
>     >>See the [full version index] for other versions of the manual.
> Good. Maybe something like:
> >>See the [full version index] for the manual for older releases of Automake.
> (Since it's not just "versions of the manual", but "versions of the
> software". :)
> Not sure. Will be easier to think about seeing the pages

i've back filled the manuals from 1.10* to 1.16* and posted the full index,
but haven't linked it in anywhere.  lmk what you think.

i actually regenerated them from scratch rather than extract them from the
CVS history.  partially because i didn't think of that until after i pushed
them, and partially because i think the newer manual style looks nicer.
compare the older autoconf manual with the latest one.  this is due to the
tools used to generate the manual rather than the manual content itself.

>     actually differ and setup symlinks in case the manual didn't change
>     between point releases.
> I doubt there are significant changes to the manual for most
> point releases, but still, I think it would be confusing to ask for the
> manual for 1.16.2 and get the manual for 1.16.1 instead. I think it'd be
> best to just do the full thing for any versions published.

i guess it's a bit of a moot point.  the generation inserts a lot of date
stamps, and i'm not super inclined to try and strip them out to determine
if things have changed.

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