On 30 Jan 2022 15:15, Karl Berry wrote:
>     >     https://www.gnu.org/software/automake/manual/index-full.html
> It's better, but how about a non-blank line?
> <tr><td colspan=4><hr></td></tr>
> (does <hr> obey table cells? I'm never sure.)
> Obviously we're getting down to trivialities, feel free to ignore :).

i actually tested that locally first and thought it looked just awful.

on my system, the empty cell is 16px tall (8px padding × 2).
&nbsp; makes it 37px, same height as existing rows.
<hr> makes it 56px, almost twice as large as an existing row.

if you have Chrome, should be easy to edit the page and make live tweaks :).

>     so i guess once gnulib merges my update, 
> If nothing happens soon, let me know and I can commit that update.
> (I'd do it now but some kind of network problem, apparently at the FSF
> end ...)

the gnulib folks merged quickly, so i pushed the update to all the pages,
and did an update on our side in the git tree.

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