I have the same issue, so it's unlikely to be an error in your config. Left-Clicking and dragging on any pixel that does not belong to the document or to a button is interpreted as mod4+button1.


On 2015-09-29 11:09, Raphael Plasson wrote:

are there some people here using inkscape (vector-based drawing program)? There is actually a (small but annoying) problem when used with awesome. Guide lines can be added (typically for attaching objects on it) by dragging them from the rulers. The problem is that this is understood by awesome for some reason as dragging the window (i.e. that instead of adding a new guide that can be moved inside the window, the full application window is move as if mod-button1 was pressed).

Do you have an idea where this bug comes from (or where to look for identifying its origin)? Inkscape sending a wrong (or nonstandard) command/signal to the WM? Awesome misinterpreting what Inkscape is asking? Would have I by some way messed up awesome configuration for having this behavior?

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