Weird indeed. I have the problem with the last debian sid version (awesome 3.5.6-1 and inkscape 0.91-5+b2).

However, I tried with a new, empty user... no problem.
I copied the full .config/awesome from my main user to this test user... no problem I then copied the full .config/inkscape from main to test user... no problem.
I even copied .xinitrc from main to test user... still no problem.

I thus end up with two user on the same machine, with the same xorg, awesome and inkscape configuration environment. One has the "drag" problem, not the other one. Where does the problem come from????

Still investigating here, puzzled.


Le 29/09/2015 17:37, Szymon Hennel a écrit :
Interesting. Here's my config in case anyone is interested :

I will try to solve the problem and report back if I find anything.

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