Virga wrote:
maybe you could post your complete .wsdd file
because i don't see any "urn:Addresschecker" in your file.
for example if you decide to use xmlns:ns1="urn:Addresschecker" as namespace
instead of doing something like xmlns:ns1="http://mypackage.something";
then you should do :

I think that I have done this now (I am working on it :-) ... - the file is posted below.

<beanMapping xmlns:ns1="urn:Addresschecker" qname="ns1:ReturnValue"
thus in your client class you should do:

I am generating my client via the WSDL2Java tool ..? Do I have to do this as well?

Where do I put the beanMapping? Within the service tag or without?
In the samples there was a file where it was not inside the service tag.

Thx for the help

my deploy.wsdd:

<deployment xmlns="";

<service name="Addresschecker" provider="java:RPC">

    <parameter name="className"
    <parameter name="allowedMethods" value="checkAddress checkEmail"/>


 <beanMapping qname="ns1:ReturnValue"


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