Sonja Pieper wrote:
Sonja Pieper wrote:

Virga wrote:

if you use WSDL2Java you don't need to do registerTypeMapping, it will do it
for you:-)

no actually it really does not and I have asked around some more where I work, the people told me: oh geez no we write the clients ourselves. and yes it seems to be the registerTypeMapping that is missing.

Once I have found a solution I will post it.

The solution was:

I took the code that Virga posted incorporated it in the generated client and now everything now works fine.

Should I file a bug-report? Is it a bug? I am still not sure, but actually the most important is: it works.

So I think the beanMapping and the whole namespace thing was not it, it is only the WSDL2Java which - called from ant at least - did not work as supposed.

Oh well I hope anyone who has this problem in the future (if at all) will find this thread in the archives :-)


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