Virga wrote:
if you use WSDL2Java you don't need to do registerTypeMapping, it will do it
for you:-)

well at least I cannot find the part where the de/serializers are registered. The generated class implements Serializable though ?

The interesting thing is: if I kick the <beanMapping> completely I get a that there is no serializer for my ReturnValue

> No serializer found for class >de.einsundeins.addresschecker.ReturnValue in registry >[EMAIL PROTECTED]

And if I keep it in I get this one:
> org.xml.sax.SAXException: No deserializer for

I generate my client with the following parameters to WDSL2Java:

java ...WDSL2Java
-o src/
-p client

Well actually I am using ant for this. Maybe the call via ant is broken?
I have really no idea what to do, so I guess I will call it a day and hope that tomorrow I have better ideas.

Thx for your help, and I thought porting the application from apache soap to axis would take about one hour :-)


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