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For those who will try to help, I should mention that the record is the
second one on the left page and Antonio Pereira casado com Antonia Rosa is
written in the margin.
Corrected link:

On the twenty-eighth day of the month of April of the year of one thousand
eight hundred and fifty-eight, having received the Divine Sacraments of the
Sick, died Antonio Pereira, [written between lines is, I believe “resident
behind the peak” which is confirmed in Confessados] married to Antonia
Rosa, eighty-four years old, more or less, ….

The remainder I think says something about being accompanied by the
Reverendo Collegio but there was an impossibility of doing something and
only something else was done in the church.

Then, in the margin is written something about bad weather dealing with the
grave and the deceased.

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