I would appreciate if insight could be given as to how long before ship 
departure a person needed to get their passport? I long ago located my 2nd 
ggmother and three of her children, including my 1ggmother on the manifest 
of the bark Veronica. The ship left Horta, Fayal, on 21 September 1885 and 
landed in New Bedford, MA, on 10 October 1885. I thought I would easily 
find their passport registration data on the CCA website, but no; even 
though many other passengers from that voyage were in the Fayal passport 
records, not my ancestral family. Anyone have an idea what the requirements 
were? You apparently could register at any one of the Azores' three big 
ports (Horta, Angra, Ponta Delgada) and I haven't figured out if there were 
timing requirements, but I would guess from what I've seen that it can be 
right up to the time of departure. I'm just hoping that understanding the 
requirements will give me a better chance of finding my ancestors' passport 
application records - perhaps I can't find them because they were not 
absolutely required?? Thanks very much.

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