I used rsync to copy data including hard links:
rsync -avxHAX --progress /var/lib/backuppc /copy

Because of all the hard links, rsync gets incredibly slow and uses a huge 
amount of space in /tmp when trying to copy BackupPC (v.3) directories. Since 
it looks like you're doing this on the same system, something like a tar pipe 
may work better for you.

You could try something like:

tar -C /var/lib/backuppc --one-filesystem --acls --xattrs -cf - . | tar -C 
/copy -xvf -

(double check that for sanity). You can achieve something similar with the 
dump/restore commands if the file system supports those.

I've had some success with this. PS - removing the "verbose" part will likely 
speed up your transfer appreciably.


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