On 12.03.2018 15:09, Marc Gilliatt wrote:
> I'm sorry, I'm not too sure on what you mean by working in /srv/backuppc?
> I copied and pasted the RSA key from my backuppc server to my host I
> would like backing up. I ran the following commands, 
> On my backuppc server:
> /cat /root/.ssh/id_rsa.pub > id_rsa.pub_copy 
> /
> On my host server:
> ///cat id_rsa.pub_copy >> /root/.ssh/authorized_keys/
> /
> /

I don't see any copy command from the backuppc server to the client here?

Why dont you use

ssh-copy-id -i /var/lib/backuppc/.ssh/id_rsa.pub root@backuppc-client

(execute this as root user on the backuppc server!)

With kind regards

Stefan Peter

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